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Solutions for your Restaurant

Buenappetit is good for your restaurant and good for the customer. Today running a restaurant is a hard task,  Most third party companies are taking away between 30% to 40% from your sales. However, the good news is that with our system you won’t have to worry about the commissions because we are charging 0% commission. This is the solution that we have to offer on maintaining your business afloat during these hard times. Our team is here to help you to improve your customer service.

Our friendly app Buenappetit allows you to stay connected with your customers in during this pandemic. We are the solution for a restaurant like yours, who wishes to stay connected with customers in a safer way with less contact. Our application is easy to navigate from your customers own comfort. Our fast system allows the customers to order in less than 10 seconds. The benefits of using our system include the following : ordering ahead, no lines, no more waits, fast service, less inconveniences, less mistakes on orders, better customer service. If you are seeking for a better solution for your restaurant and a better response for your customers set up your next meeting with us

Set up online ordering system in less than three days

Buenappetit, offers support for multi location restaurants
Control multiple locations from the same account buenappetit offers an online ordering system for restaurants, that drive more revenue and customers to your restaurant with a exceptional customer support. To take action now, schedule a demo to discuss your needs with an online ordering expert, and see how Buenappetit will help your restaurant thrive.



Ordering Online Food Solutions for restaurants

Buenappetit is here to help you reconnect with your customers. our friendly app allows your customers to order from of palm of their hands in less than 10 seconds in the home comfort or workplace. One of the many difficult tasks small businesses are constantly dealing with are keeping their customers. However, our system is here to help. Now is time to find new customers and increase your sales, with our online ordering system. Everything we build puts eateries and their customers first. our system allows your customers to order from their website, and mobile applications. We think local and operate commission-free

Easy to integrate, like 1,2,3 Our menu editor allowed you to control every detail  in your menu buenappetit is a friendly ordering system easy to edit, add or delete Easy to navigate change price, Easy to Active mode or Deactivate Set up online ordering system in less than a three days Buenappetit, offers support for multi location restaurants Manage multiple locations from the same account Share menus and promotions in social media